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Perpetual BTC Faucets

Keep Land of Bitcoin going in this screen because it unlimited. Just monitor the timer and fill in code when faucet stops to keep earning. IMPORTANT register for this one to build up your wallet with referrals.

5 Min BTC Faucets

Earn BTC every 5 minutes till you reached the daily or faucet limit.

2 Hrs BTC Faucets

Faucets that you can visit every 2 hours for more BTC.

6 Hrs BTC Faucets

Faucets that you can visit every 6 Hrs. for more BTC.

Microwallet BTC Faucets

Bitcoin micropayment cache with They send the bitcoins automatically as soon as your balance reached the withdrawal limit. This is not an online wallet, you can\'t deposit here, withdrawals only. Register at

BitChest BTC Faucets

All faucets that use the Bit Chest - micro payout system. All BTC earned here stored till certain amount reached before payout to your main BTC wallet.

Daily BTC Faucets

All these faucets you allowed to surf once a day. Some payout after surf but most of the faucets have a minimum amount before payouts are made.